Small Business Consulting Framework

Small Business Consulting Framework

The world of small business is is comprised of firms that vary in size, capacity, and function. They differ in management style, organizational structure, and strategy.  Jasper Browne's philosophy is rooted in the belief that regardless of these differing characteristics, all businesses experience common problems arising at similar stages in their development.

By partnering with GrowthWheel International, we have organized a framework for categorizing the problems and growth patterns of small businesses in a systematic way that is useful to entrepreneurs. We work with owners and managers of small businesses, to provide an understanding of their businesses that can aid in assessing current challenges, uncovering blind spots, and identifying opportunities.
As consultants, advisors, coaches, or whatever the term of the day is, we strive to provide a framework for business development that meets each entrepreneur at their exact stage of business and work to determine the actions they need to take and the decisions they need to make to progress to the next stage of business. By incorporating the GrowthWheel framework, we have the tools to prioritize decision making and to structure the conversation about the four common challenges facing all businesses:
  1. How to build an attractive business concept;
  2. How to grow a organization;
  3. How to build lasting customer relations; and
  4. How to maintain profitable operations.
For a better understanding of GrowthWheel, watch this short video:


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01 Jan 2021

By RoShawn Winburn